Villa Designs

Gran Meliá Lombok is a high-end luxury destination comprising of 22 duplex beachfront villas and more than 100 private one-, two- and three-bedroom structures located on the nearby stepped hillside.

Featuring sustainable designs and locally sourced materials, every accommodation has its own private infinity pool and utilises natural elements that represent the essence of Lombok. The award-winning project is set for completion in 2024, but you have the chance to buy and customise your own part of it today.


Integrating modern architecture with luxurious yet homely interior design, Aurora villas are tropically modern, shamelessly stylish, perfectly harmonious, and clean-energy efficient.


A post-modern take on traditional Indonesian architecture, Inspiral villas pull the best elements of Lombok history into the 21st Century. Artfully uniting exclusive design with extraordinary surroundings.


Kayma luxury tented suites are fitted with bespoke in-built elements to maximise comfort. Each unit includes extensive wooden decking and a private pool. Customised crafted glamping.


Built in the style of the La Residenza movement of the 1920s, these two- and three-bedroom units appeal to those who enjoy European modernity customised and adapted for a tropical climate. Making the lifestyle of tomorrow available today.